How Do You Install Permanent Tire Lettering Kits?

How Do You Install Permanent Tire Lettering Kits?

Jan 23rd 2019

How Do You Install Permanent Tire Lettering Kits?

Some Tips and Tricks For Your Raised Rubber Tire Lettering Installation.

After your purchase of a Tire Lettering Kit, you want to make sure the installation goes flawlessly. In this post, we will show you some of our installation hacks to get your Permanent Tire Lettering Kit to position well on the tire, and stay on for as long as possible.

1) What is the best way to clean your tire?

Acetone is the best solution for cleaning the tire of tire shine, road debris, and brake dust. Please be aware, when cleaning your tire, not to have the Acetone come in contact with your rim or fender, as it may damage the finish on the rim and paint. It is important to soak a clean, white rag in Acetone and wipe the tire in several different directions. Several passes may need to be done to get all of the surface contaminants off of the tire. You can purchase industrial grade Acetone from any general hardware store, including Home Depot and Lowe's.

Cleaning Your Tire for Rubber Tire Lettering

2) How Do I Place The Lettering on the Tire?

Pre-positioning the unglued lettering on the tire is the first step in determining where your lettering should be finally glued down. Position the tire lettering onto the tire, using the outer curve (top side) of the tire decal to see the curve our design team used to create your DIY Tire Lettering Kit. Once you've found the place to glue the lettering down, use some blue painter's tape to hold the letters in place... then you can start gluing.

Position the Tire Lettering on the Tire

3) How Much Glue Do I Use For My Rubber Tire Letters?

The simple answer to how much glue is used for installation is: very, very little. The glue we provide you in your tire lettering kit is sufficient for several installations. The tire lettering glue is not regular super glue. It is an aggressive, but flexible adhesive specifically designed for our tire lettering kits. Only a very thin film (less than 3 microns) is required for a lasting, permanent bond. Because of the high viscosity of the glue, it will spread evenly across the backing when the letter is pressed firmly onto the tire. If you see glue seeping out from under the applied tire letter, you may have used too much glue. Don't worry! Just allow some extra drying time before removing the protective clear tape.

Gluing Tire Lettering to the Tire

4) What is the Drying Time for the Glued Rubber Tire Letters?

The recommended drying and curing time for the glued lettering is no less than 4 hours, depending on the temperature. The colder the weather, the longer you should wait. Test the letters before attempting to drive by trying to pull up an outer edge of one of the rubber decals. If it doesn't move, you should be okay. Inspect all of the installed lettering for any "wet" looking glue. If there's any glue that looks somewhat wet... then wait some more!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this simple article on Permanent Rubber Tire Lettering Installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.