Tire Lettering Warranty

Tire Lettering Limited Warranty:

Temporary Tire Lettering:

Your Temporary Tire Lettering, either heat-activated or self-adhering, is warrantied against manufacturer mistake or defect for pre-installation only.  Because of the temporary nature of this product, we cannot guarantee the lifetime of the product on your car's tire.  We expect the temporary tire decals to last approximately 1,000 miles of driving.  The decals cannot be cleaned once soiled.  Should you be unhappy with your purchase, we will offer you an upgrade to our permanent product, less a discount equal to the original purchase price of your temporary set.  Limit of one set will be applied to one upgrade.  All warranty inquiries should be emailed to [email protected]

Permanent Tire Lettering:

Your Permanent Tire Lettering is warrantied against manufacturer mistake or defect for pre-installation only.  Any spelling error or design error noticed after installation voids any claim to a warranty, remake, or return claim.  The lettering is designed to last the lifetime of the tire and is subject to the care and custody of the owner of the letters.  Once installed, any warranty claim of missing letters should be made to us at [email protected]  Missing letters will be replaced up to 12 characters at no charge, within 90 days of purchase.  

All claims are subject to customer service approval.  Before any claim can be considered, photographic evidence must be emailed, along with your name, original order number, and contact information to: [email protected]

Under no circumstances will any approval be made outside of the framework specified above.  Because of the nature of DIY installation procedures, customer service may require you submit proof of purchase evidence of ancillary products required for successful installation, such as the purchase of acetone for tire prep.