Tire Decal | Tire Lettering Vs. Tire Paint

Tire Decal | Tire Lettering Vs. Tire Paint

Jan 23rd 2019

Tire Decal | Tire Lettering VS. Tire Paint: Finding the best tire product for your car.

With so many options out there, how do you know what is the best custom tire solution? We're here to help make up your mind!

What is the difference between Tire Decals and Tire Lettering?

This answer is thought to be pretty simple, where in fact there are a couple of differences.

A Tire Decal is basically any aftermarket decal formulated to fit on your tire. Normally, this isn't a bespoke (custom) option for the tire, but sets of pre-designed tire letters shaped to the general curve of a tire. Most Tire Decals are designed around an 18" rim and can have several colors. These decals are mostly extremely thin, and some knock-off manufacturers from China use cheap PVC Vinyl, which will crack and weather much worse than other domestic solutions.

Tire Lettering generally refers to customized lettering, whether it be a brand design or a Create Your Own design. Because your exact tire sizes are required, the shape and design of the tire letters are customized to the curve of the tire and fitted exactly to your specs.

What is Tire Paint?

Tire Paint is a temporary solution, designed to last one or two washes, painted on with a "paint pen" or marker. Tire Paint is mostly water-based; it requires a lot of planning and attention to detail to look good. However, all of the effort put into prepping the tire, painting the tire, and correcting any application errors are wasted when the tire gets washed. Some paints last longer than others, but from our experience, we stay away from it.

So what's better for my tire?

There is a big reason why we don't offer Tire Paint Pens in our accessory section of our store: They aren't the best product out there. For the same amount of prep time, you have purchase a customized Tire Lettering Kit that will last much longer and yield not only a better return on investment, but a more professional result (even for the average DIY'er).

With tire lettering products available on our website, you can customize anything, including color matching your tires. So when it comes to Tire Lettering and Tire Design, TIREGRAFICX is king!