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Installing Your Custom Tire Lettering (Raised Rubber Tire Letters & Tire Stickers)

Application can be a daunting task, unless you follow our steps...

It is so much fun to open up your new box of TIREGRAFICX Custom Tire Lettering and Tire Stickers because they are Yours and designed by YOU.  Whether or not you're well versed in decal installation or not, your TIREGRAFICX can be installed very easily by having three things:

  1. Acetone (you'll need one liter)
  2. A few hand towels
  3. Your TIREGRAFICX Tire Lettering or Tire Sticker kit.

Patience is always key to performing any aftermarket installation on your car, but especially for the installation of your Custom Tire Lettering Kit which may include Raised Rubber Lettering.

The full installation of your Tire Lettering Kit and/or Tire Stickers can be done without lifting the vehicle.

The most important step is to CLEAN the sidewall area thoroughly with the acetone.  Please do not use brake cleaner or Xylene as it may hurt your paint.  Apply the acetone to a dry towel and scrub the tire until the tire looks like a matte grey finish.  ALL OIL, DIRT, and RESIDUE must be removed for the decals to stick properly.  You will know when the tire is ready for the next step of installation when the towel is showing a light grey hue after wiping the tire with the acetone. 

Now that the tire is clean, you can map out where on the tire you'd like to install the Raised Rubber Letters or Tire Stickers.  If you purchased the Peel & Stick Tire Sticker, apply the decal where you would want it on the sidewall and peel off the backing to expose the adhesive.  Press firmly with your thumb; move over the entire surface several times until the front tape can be removed without any corners coming up.  

With the Raised Rubber Tire Lettering Kit, apply the included glue-in a very thin layer-evenly across the back of the Rubber Lettering.  Apply to the surface of the tire after letting the glue cure for 1 minute.  

When finished applying your Custom Tire Lettering or Tire Stickers, use a credit card to ensure all corners are applied firmly to the tire, making sure the decal will last as long.  

Finally, take some photos of your finished work and tag TIREGRAFICX on Facebook, Twitter (#TIREGRAFICX), and Instagram (@tiregraficx)!  

If you have any questions, call us at 908-379-8790 or email us: steve@tiregraficx.com

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