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TIREGRAFICX | Custom Tire Lettering

The World's Largest Distributor and Manufacturer of Customized Tire Lettering, Tire Decals and Wheel Accessories.

TIREGRAFICX started off as a mechanic with a passion for really, really fast cars.  His beginnings as a speed shop gave him the opportunity to work on some of the fastest and most beautiful cars​.  As customers required to push the envelope with performance and styling, he searched far and wide for a unique approach to add a bespoke quality to an already unique automobile.

Steven Mandala has artistically created sidewall designs to emulate the car you're driving and the tire's you're representing.  His artistry takes your brand affiliation and the brands you identify as to an outward expression of inward identity.

This is a product for the car enthusiast, auto hobbyist, track-ready pilot, and professional race ensemble.
TIREGRAFICX is designed to make the rubber meet the road with visual ferocity; leave an awe-inspiring impact on those who already have their jaws agape.
The Permanent Raised Rubber Tire Lettering  TIREGRAFICX is a raised rubber emblem engineered to last the remaining life of your tire.  The best part is: your custom tire decal, TIREGRAFICX is completely yours; lettering or logo that you've decided needs to be so incontestably displayed.
In addition to Custom Tire Lettering, TIREGRAFICXs offer Color Tires. TIREGRAFICX Custom Tire Lettering is the only business in the world that turns your tire into a work of art.  TIREGRAFICX is able to have you customize your tire to your specifications, even color match is available.  Please email Steve for more details. [email protected]
Looking for tire and wheel accessories?  We are distributors for ANRKY Wheels and HRE, as well as all the major tire manufacturers.  Custom wheel designs are also available, please contact for more details and pricing. 
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